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Fog of war

Reveal the map as the player explore it


Add a spicy touch to your sessions!

PDF import

Import your PDF in-game

Character POV

See the world from the characters' eyes!


Play with Oculus? See your surroundings while playing!


Don't like 3D miniatures? Use 2D token instead

Cross-platform sessions!

Unlike other software, you will be able to use Constructo features from any device and join the same game. Are you a DM and want to create a map on the fly using your Oculus Quest 2? No problem, you can do it! Do you only have your tablet available? it's the same! Each platform has its own advantages, and it's up to you to decide which one to use.

VR/AR Headset

Play on your virtual/augmented reality headset and get the best experience possible!


Don't have a headset? Harness the power of your beloved pc! We support Windows, Mac, and Linux


Do you own a simple smartphone? No problem, Constructo can be used on any device


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Playloop who?

Playloop Studios was founded by Andrea Lupattelli and Simone Percossi, both developers and longtime role players. We both dreamed of a way to play our favorite RPGs that went beyond just pen and paper. We wanted a way to show flying dragons, dark caverns, and explosive fireballs in front of our very eyes. Constructo was born from this idea, and we firmly believe that the time has come for everyone to enjoy it.

Andrea Lupattelli

Andrea is the Co-Founder of Playloop Studios. He has over ten years of experience as a programmer and is a huge fan of Dungeons & Dragons. Thanks to his expertise in algorithms, he is the right match for this project!

Simone Percossi

Simone is the Co-Founder of Playloop Studios. Again a programmer and a fan of role-playing games, Constructo represents for him the way to change the TTRPG world.

Samuele Cialimbruschi

Samuele is the Creative Director behind the project. Thanks to his vision, Constructo came to life, maturing from sketches to the third dimension.

I don't remember exactly when we had this idea, it must have been about 4/5 years ago. Playing assiduously at D&D, we gradually noticed the frequent problems of playing with pen and paper, especially during the fights: quick horrible drawings, difficulty for the master to make himself understood by the players, difficulty in preparing a fight with physical models, use of "similar" miniatures to address for the lack of those really necessary ... in short, an "half" experience and a great waste of time!

Then the idea, merge "the classic" with "the virtual" and create an augmented reality product that would eliminate those annoying problems! We wanted to create an AR headset's product that immerse players in the game world. At the time, the only device worth mentioning in quality and "freedom from connecting cables" was Microsoft's Hololens. But who in our group of players would have spent a whopping $ 4,000 to play D&D? At that moment we didn't think about releasing the software to the world, we just needed it to play with each other!

At that point, the only way forward was to abandon the project and so we did.

Years later, with the release on the market of the Oculus Quest 2, which, in addition to being a VR headset, integrates an AR functionality, the flame of passion is back to burn! It was the perfect device, accessible (you don't have to sell a kidney to buy it :P ), VR and AR together (albeit with its limitations) and untethered mode, you can sit at the game table without the need to carry a pc with you. From there the idea of creating a product for everyone, not just for our gaming group, an idea that was then extended to the other devices.

The last obstacle to overcome is time. Our fulltime job didn't leave us much free time and going back to develop after doing it for a whole day was exhausting, as well as stressful. Furthermore, progress were slow and minimals.

So, in October 2021 we make the bold decision to quit our well-paid fulltime job and dedicate ourselves full time to the project.

Within 2 months the project took off.

In a short time our gaming group, initially skeptical of merging the classic with the technological, was amazed by Constructo. Even our non-gamer friends complimented us and were impressed with the software. We understood that we were going in the right direction.

To date, a lot has happened, the foundations have been laid for what will be the VTT that we ourselves dream of using at the table, but there is still a lot of work to do. We need other professionals, including programmers, artists, modelers, etc. and to do this we need the necessary funds. Hence, the idea of the Kickstarter project.

Thanks to our efforts and above all thanks to the community, which is following and supporting us day by day, we sincerely hope to be able to realize our biggest dream. RPG as we know it will never be the same again.

Let's change the world of TTRPGs, let's do it together!

Frequently Asked Questions

Constructo it's a VTT (Virtual TableTop), with which you can create maps, customize characters/npcs/monsters, and much more.

Thanks to Constructo, the DM can create a custom map in minutes, or access maps shared online by other DMs. This can be done both before a session and during. The focal point of the project is the speed and simplicity of creation. In fact, there is also a tool to generate random rooms in a few seconds. Once this is done, the DM obviously has control over everything, characters, monsters, props, etc., while the players have access only to the resources assigned to them (for example, they can only move their own character).

With the official support of Hero Forge, any player who links their HF account will be able to use their miniatures within Constructo. And importing them means a few clicks.

In addition to moving their miniatures (and / or those assigned to them), players can obviously control the camera, interact with the world, for example by opening a certain door, measure the distances between objects / characters, control areas spells (where does the fireball I'm about to cast go?) etc.

They will all be there! Thanks to the dynamic lights you will be able to see only what your torch and / or magic will allow you to see, thus creating fantastic shaded areas where you can hide and make surprise attacks. Even without any light, characters with darkvision will be able to see in the dark, thanks to a particular camera effect.
The Fog of War will allow you to see only the rooms actually explored, so as not to spoil what's behind a door or on those stairs. When your characters move away from an already explored room, they will continue to see it, but shaded and will not be able to see any monsters / npcs placed by the master inside it.
Dynamic lights, Darkvision, Fog of war will have customizable settings.

Constructo is meant to be agnostic to gaming systems. We provide the tools and a generic system usable by various TTRPGs, players are free to play the game they like best!

Constructo core is agnostic, but we are integrating complete rule system on top of it, starting with D&D 5ed!

There'll be two subscription modes: free and paid (monthly - around 10$). Through the free version it will be possible to play without any problem, we do not want to force the players or the master to pay. By paying a little bit you will get access to extra features.

No! We don’t want to limit the number of players who can participate in a campaign because of money! Any player who joins the DM game will enjoy the "premium" features unlocked by his subscription (of course the whole group can divide the amount).

  • VR/AR Headsets,
  • PCs (Windows, Mac and Linux),
  • Tablet/Smartphone (iOS and Android) with which you can play in AR too.

We admire the work done by TaleSpire, but there are some things that we think can be improved. I'll give some examples:
  • PC only: If you want to play with your friends at the table, do you need to have 4/5 clunky computers on the table? Today's phones / tablets are very powerful devices and can very well be used for this project. What about VR/AR headsets? I don't know if you've ever tried one, but for instance, the Oculus Quest 2 is a beautiful tool, which is capable of conveying an impressive level of immersion. We want to offer players a way to play their favourite game alone in their home, as well as togetherat the table!
  • Miniatures: we want to offer an easy way to make your perfect character model and/or use your fantastic miniatures
  • Character sheets: We think it's a must-have feature to provide to the players and to the master. But, as we said on other posts, it's a time consuming feature (due to all the automations. The basic versione is relatively simple) and we are focusing on the core logics first.
  • Price: Last but not least, Constructo will be free, and will provide a usable game system at no cost! Besides, you can pay a very small amount to access features that make the product even better. There is absolutely no need to spend money to have an optimal gaming experience

Dungeon Alchemist is not a direct competitor, 'cause it exports 2D maps for other VTTs

We will come out with medieval assets, but we plan to provide players with different environments to meet every need

We know that not everyone has the time to customize everything, so we are working on an internal marketplace where you can access maps and miniatures created by other users.


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